Golden Foil Balloon Instagram Story Stickers | YYZ Design
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Golden Foil Balloon Instagram Story Stickers

Golden Foil Balloons Instagram Stickers

Golden Foil Balloon Instagram Story Stickers

Free to download but a donation would be cool, I’m saving up for a beer 🙂

You’ll receive 26 PNG images with transparent background, size 1080 x 1920. Can be used in your Instagram Stories.
Can be used immediately on iPhone, for Android you’ll need the Swiftkey Keyboard App.

Do you have any text suggestions? Please let me know and I’ll add them to this set!


Attribution or a link to is appreciated. You can also tag me on Instagram: yyz_design

You can NOT resell the images or give them away for free on other websites.

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The following words are included in this package:

  • beach
  • boss
  • bummer
  • chill
  • cool
  • dream
  • forever
  • goals
  • happy
  • hello
  • home
  • new post
  • oh hi
  • omg
  • oops
  • relax
  • smile
  • summer
  • sweet
  • wow
  • wtf
  • xoxo
  • xxx

Special characters:

  • exclamation mark
  • question mark
  • heart shape